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Septic System Installation

5-year Warranty

J. Hockman, Inc. specializes in septic system installations of high-quality, cost-competitive, on-site wastewater treatment systems backed by our exceptional 5-year warranty*.

  • We will provide you with a timely, complete professional estimate that covers septic system installation from tree clearing to landscaping.
  • Our experienced septic system installers and technicians are experts on local and state Title 5 regulations, and will offer you professional assistance and guidance with selecting a qualified engineer and obtaining necessary local permits.
  • All septic systems are installed according to the approved design plan, the local Board of Health regulations, and Title 5 regulations.
  • Our team of industry professionals are some of the most knowledgeable in the field of septic systems, and maintain commercial driverís licenses, MA hoisting engineer licenses, and medical cards.
  • At J. Hockman, Inc., safety is our first priority, and we maintain a complete inventory of safety and support equipment to ensure a secure worksite.

The diagram below illustrates the journey that water takes through a typical septic system. When water leaves the home through the plumbing, it flows directly into the septic tank, where the primary treatment or solid settling takes place. The wastewater (effluent) is then distributed into the leaching field, where the effluent will seep into the ground and become fully treated, and eventually become groundwater again.

septic system diagram

The diagram below illustrates what the inside of a properly functioning, full septic tank should look like. All wastewater enters the tank through the Inlet, and the solids begin to settle out. Lighter solids float to the top, creating the scum layer, while heavier solids sink to the bottom, creating the sludge layer. The middle layer consists mainly of wastewater, which is called effluent. The effluent flows out of the tank through the Outlet and into the distribution box, where it is eventually dispersed into the leaching field. Within the septic tank, the inlet and outlet pipes are fitted with a "T." The inlet "T's" function is to send the incoming wastewater into the middle of the tank, allowing the incoming water to slow down in speed, the floatables to become the scum layer, and the heavier particals to become the solids layer. The outlet "T's" function is to hold the scum and solids layers within the septic tank and allow only the effluent to flow out of the tank to the leaching system.

septic tank diagram

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